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My Energy FAQs
What is a deregulated electricity retail market?

A deregulated or liberalised electricity market gives eligible consumers additional options to buy electricity from retailers or from the wholesale electricity market.

Deregulation makes the retail market more efficient by encouraging competition amongst retailers. Contestable consumers benefit from a variety of options to manage their energy costs and can choose from a range of competitively-priced electricity packages.

If you decide not to switch to become a contestable consumer, you will continue to purchase electricity from SP Services at the prevailing regulated tariff.

Am I eligible to be a contestable consumer?

In order to be a contestable consumer, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a non-domestic consumer
  • Have a minimum electricity consumption of 2,000 kWh a month

You may add up your electricity usage across different locations or premises in Singapore to meet the 2,000 kWh threshold. Multiple premises have to be registered under a single legal entity.

You can check for your eligibility on MyPower website, contact SP Services at 1800-233-8000, email or with us here. Eligible consumers may also receive an official notification letter from Energy Market Authority (EMA) or SP Services.

Can Master-metered accounts be eligible for contestability?

Master-metered accounts can be contestable under the En-Bloc contestability scheme or the Demand Aggregation scheme. Under the En-bloc contestability scheme, the landlord will need the full consent of all sub-metered tenants to purchase electricity for the entire premise and on their behalf. Under the Demand Aggregation scheme, the landlord can aggregate the common services load and the load of the consenting tenants if full consent from all sub-metered tenants cannot be obtained.

How do I become a contestable consumer?

You can apply to be a contestable consumer through SP Services.

If you have decided to make Hyflux Energy your electricity retailer, simply submit your application and supporting documents to us and we will help you with the rest. You may download the Contestability Application form here.

Alternatively, contact us at (65) 6436 6611 and our Customer Relations will assist you in making the switch.

Can I switch back to non-contestable status when I am contestable?

You will not be able to switch your status back to a non-contestable consumer. However if your average monthly consumption is less than 4,000 kWh over the past 12 months, you will have the option to remain contestable, or switch back to non-contestable status to purchase electricity on the prevailing regulated tariff rate.You can check for your eligibility to switch back on MyPower website.

What is the difference between buying electricity from a retailer versus the wholesale electricity market?

If you are buying from a retailer, you will be billed by your retailer based on the contracted energy rates.

If you are buying from the wholesale market, you will be billed by SP Services based on market prices that vary every half-hour.

Why should I purchase electricity from a retailer?

Purchasing electricity from retailers gives you more options to manage your energy spend based on your energy consumption and risk profile. Retailers offer different packages based on your electricity usage and risk-profile and this often translates into great savings!

At Hyflux Energy, we offer you unparalleled value with the help of our experienced team and our unique comparison tool to determine the best plan for you. Click here to find out how you can be enabled to spend smartly.

I have decided to make the switch to Hyflux Energy. What is next?

If you need to apply for contestability, simply submit your completed application form and supporting documents to us and we will help you with the rest. You may download the Contestability Application form here . Furnish us with details of your company and the contacts of the company representatives we will work with and send us the security deposit before the contract starts. Your account will be transferred to us at least 6 business days before your contract starts after you receive your contestability status.

Will my electricity supply be affected when I switch retailers?

No, there will be no interruption to your electricity supply when you switch retailers and you will continue to enjoy the same quality of electricity supply.

Payment, Metering and Consumption
I suspect my electricity meter is faulty. What should I do?

As the meters are owned by SP PowerAssets, you may like to contact SP PowerGrid at 1800 778 8888 to perform a meter test. Alternatively, you may also contact us at (65) 6436 6611 to liaise with SP PowerGrid for your meter testing request. There will be a charge of S$80 (before GST) payable before every test, and this amount may be fully refundable depending on the outcome of the investigations.

What are the different types of meters for contestable consumers?

Currently, there are 2 different meter types which measure your half-hourly consumption remotely

  • Before 1 April 2014, contestable consumers are metered using Time of Day (TOD) meters.
  • After 1 April 2014, SP PowerGrid (SPPG) will install the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters for all new contestable consumers.

SP PowerGrid will be carrying out their routine meter replacement exercise to eventually replace all meters with AMI meters.

Do I need to apply for a telephone line when I turn contestable?

If you are using an AMI meter, you do not need to apply for a phone line to facilitate remote meter-reading. However, if you are still using a TOD meter, you will need to provide a telephone line for remote meter reading purposes until SP PowerGrid replaces your meter with an AMI meter during their routine meter replacement exercise.

How is my electricity usage monitored?

Your energy consumption is measured every half an hour by your TOD or AMI meters, and your meter data will be read and recorded remotely by SP Services.

How do I pay my Hyflux Energy bills?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • Interbank GIRO
  • Cheque
  • Telegraphic Transfer, Internet Banking Transfer or ATM Transfer
  • Cash

Head to Payment Options for more information.

Do I need to make a new GIRO application for bill payment if I have just switched to Hyflux Energy?

Yes, you will need to apply for GIRO with us. Download the application form here, and mail us the completed original form.

You may also like to contact our Customer Relations at:
Hotline: (65) 6436 6611
Fax: (65) 6443 2812

What will my statement billing cycle be for my Hyflux Energy bills?

Your statement billing cycle will match closely to that of SP Services’ billing cycle. For your first invoice, the billing period may be shorter or longer than a full billing month depending on your contract start date. From the 2nd month invoice onwards, it will normalize to a full billing month.